Latest Publication:  Seeking A Better Me!

Dear Reader, it is time for you to discover who you really are! Somehow, in some way, you and this book have crossed paths at this time in this place for a reason that may or may not be known to you.

Seeking A Better Me! is more than just a title for a new book. It is a message for all of us! We need gentle reminders that ground us back into reality and this message does that. Seeking A Better Me! opens doors, creates new pathways, and aids you in discovering who your ‘Better Me’ actually is.

Think about this, please, Dear Friend. What does a ‘Better Me’ mean to you? How does your ‘Better Me” express her or his Self? What does your ‘Better Me’ look like? How does your ‘Better Me’ impact those around you? What type of outreach will your ‘Better Me’ have? Who is your ‘Better Me?’ Ponder these questions and generate more. Doing so will enhance your imagination and expand your possibilities.

I want to be a better me! Don’t you? Just imagine what can happen if you and I decide to be the people we are meant to be. We both have more to offer to this remarkable life we are living. We both have more to offer this wonderful planet that we are living upon. And we both have more to offer each other and all those others around us to whom we rarely give a moment of our time.

Dear Reader, I truly want to be a better person and I hope you do as well. Shall we take this next bold step together? Let’s accept this invitation and become the better people we are intended to be!

Hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, let’s do this!



A Quick Response from a Dear Friend

Dear One,

I have barely started “Seeking A Better Me” and already have a positive experience to share with you. First, though, a wee confession:  I hesitated to open your new book precisely because I thought it just might encourage changes in me. I felt like I already had my “hands full” and didn’t want to take on an internal construction project. I didn’t want to risk tripping over mental scaffolding that might support proposed improvements. But I opened it anyway, and began slowly, as is my way.

What I encountered from the start was a generous welcome, not simply overlooking my reluctance to read on, but truly celebrating my willingness to start in whatever way worked for me. That was gift enough for me to receive at the start, but there was more!

I experienced a subtle shift that did not come out of conscious discernment or decision. It simply came. A whiff of curiosity led me to dive into an e-mail previously received. This was a change of behavior from my usual stance of deleting unread messages or placing them on a mound of other messages to be dealt with at some unknown and elusive “later” that never seems to arrive. And this particular piece of mail brought insight into an issue I thought I already fully understood. It brought clarity and support for past decisions and for my current situation, as well as for upcoming changes. It dealt with what has kept my hands (and heart) full, providing perspective, encouragement, and greater ease with what is.

A whiff of curiosity, a single informative e-mail, and a lifted load…

I could so easily have missed it. I credit the welcome I received in “Seeking A Better Me” with gentling me toward the more open and receptive stance that allowed me to receive this blessing. No hard hat construction zone, just-an-ever so gentle movement that makes me wonder about what is next in the pages yet to be read.  I may still be slow, but I will continue on, for I am curious and deeply grateful,


—Patricia Green, M.Div., BS, Physical Therapy